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Water Exercises

When my friend broke his back in a car accident he was advised by his physiotherapist to walk in the swimming pool. I found this strange, to walk in the pool? That is when I came to know about water exercises. Water exercises also known as hydro therapy is not only good for a broken back, it also helps to keep fit and lose weight. World over specialists are of the opinion that diet and exercise are the two most important factors for healthy living. When you float in water in a swimming pool you feel light and weightless. That helps to relax the muscles and exercising in water, even with a condition, becomes easy. Many feel that water exercises are the only answer to arthritis. That is indeed true. If you can heat up your pool lightly, warn water exercises are a great boon to people inflicted with arthritis. Also you feel you can exercise in water better than on land. I’ve also heard that doing yoga inside the swimming pool in the mornings helps in keeping you agile and fresh through out the day. Surya Namaskar is a time tested exercise that helps in alignment of all the seven chakras in the body. This helps in proper blood circulation to all parts of the body. Obesity can be controlled and even shed a few kilos if you can undertake water exercises. The deep intake of breath helps the stomach muscles to clench and release helping in getting a flat stomach. Continuous movement of legs and hands helps in toning the thigh and shoulder muscles. Water aerobics is fast catching up and people are eagerly taking to it. Punches and jabs are great exercises to add to a weight loss regimen. Crunches are an excellent cardio vascular exercise that helps in total fitness. Water exercises are also known as aqua fitness workouts. Even pregnant women can undertake water exercises. This is much better than walking or aerobics as being in the pool is fun and less stressful for the body. Lateral raises are the most basic pool exercises that help in a good work out routine for pregnant women and senior citizens. Instead of heading for a gym and waiting for your turn simply build a swimming pool or install one in your home for complete fitness solutions. Be it summer or winter your swimming pool is the best place for your workout and fitness routine. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to get latest updates about what is new and trendy about swimming pools.