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The Growing Trend of Pool Weddings

A wedding is a very special occasion in a person’s life. Gone are the days when people had a conventional wedding in the Church. Now days a very popular wedding venue is by the pool side. This is fast gaining ground because of the beautiful ambience of a swimming pool and its surroundings. Pool companies state that a pool side wedding is perfect during the warm months. In fact, the surge for demand for pool builders increases before the onset of the summer season.
Now the basic thing for the pool side wedding is preparation of the pool. In case you have adequate space in your backyard, you could hire a qualified and experienced pool builder to design a nice pool for you. Pool building is a long-drawn and time-consuming project. Make sure you embark on this project a few months before the wedding. It is also important that you hire the best pool builder who can understand your needs and can ensure the readiness of the pool within a set time and budget limit. You can even get your existing pool remodeled. A vast range of experimentation can be done in terms of the pool design, shape, lighting, sound system and other accessories. Your pool builder should be able to guide you through the various options available and also what will suit your pool side.
The finer details of the pool side wedding décor can only be finalized keeping in mind the number of guests being invited and the budget in hand. Once the pool is ready, you need to organize other aspects of the wedding such as the fabrics, colors and flowers that will be used to decorate the wedding venue. Equal attention should be paid to the lighting and the sound system. Pool companies can suggest consultants who can help you with such arrangements. For instance, you can have floating candles in the pool. These can be accompanied by floating candle decorations around the poolside. Similar attention needs to be paid to the overhead lighting in case the function is likely to extend into evening time. Color shades can also worked around the pool theme. Wedding invites can also have an aqua or related color lettering and image in conjunction with the pool side theme. There is no end to the imagination which can be employed in preparing for a pool side wedding.
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