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Pool side party ideas

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t love a pool party. Your pool is the best party venue for the summer. Your backyard, the pool, food and drinks with the set of your friends is all that you need to party. Pool parties can be a close family fun affair, especially with the kids off in the pool the adults hitting the lounge around with good food and comfortable conversations, poolside parties are the easiest and most likeable ways to party. Poolside parties are the traditional parties for summers but they can be explored every time with new set of ideas and themes.
Ordinary pool parties can turn extraordinary with a fun theme. You can plan a luau with leis and grass skirts or a Hollywood party with everyone dressed as their favorite celebrity, or even a seventies theme, teased hair and colorful loungewear. Beach music or popular music tunes can be chosen keeping in mind the theme. Food being the next attraction grilling burgers and hotdogs would be an instant hit for the kids. Who wouldn’t love barbecue menu of burgers, potato salad, and brownies for the party? But if you wish to make the celebration extra-special, a creative cuisine can make all the difference. Find recipes that are experimental and it is also important to complete the menu with salads and sides without forgetting the sweet treats for dessert. If it’s a party, especially the poolside parties, drinks need to flow. You can go ahead creating cocktails with exotic names to go well with the theme of the party. You also need to stock up on mixes and plenty of non-alcoholic drinks on hand.
Pool accessories like slides can add that extra glam to the party. Slides, sprinklers, water guns, can add up to the fun factor both for kids and adults alike. Spend you budget on water toys that can help add a lot of excitement and outdoor water fun. If your party is a family one, with kids, hiring a local youth with the proper training as a lifeguard for the party is an important way to ensure safety. It helps you to stay relaxed even as the kids swim and play in the pool, while adults can relax and enjoy through the party. Pool parties are a very flexible option and can hence be inexpensive if planned intelligently. It is important that while you are getting yourself a pool keeping in mind to host memorable pool parties, you need to plan for decks and designs of the pool with your pool builder or pool contractor.
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