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Halloween party by poolside

It’s that time of the year when festivals start one after the other and you’re busy making arrangements. Halloween is not far away and you need to start preparing for the party. Your kids must be excited and planning what costume to wear and how to celebrate their party. Arrange for a pool side Halloween bash and all your guests are sure to enjoy. This year Halloween falls on a Sunday. So you have enough time to decorate your home as well as arrange for a pool side lunch or dinner and have games with swimming pool themes.

Your guests can all be dressed accordingly so that kids enjoy in the pool. You can also have games like treasure hunt with Halloween themes around the pool. That will interest kids and your house will not be messed up. Vampire seems to be the costume for this year. You can also have prizes for the best dressed vamp.

In the evening float candles and beach balls in the pool and keep it dark to suit the mood. Plan the menu according to the time of the party. I would advice you to have heavy snacks and drinks so that kids can eat as well as play. There are Halloween props (animated ones) that can be placed by the pool side to give it a dramatic look. Set up this alarming motion activated prop that is sure to cause fear and panic among your guests. As the shaking starts and the freakish groveling begin, you do a double take to make sure the straps are holding him tight. The internet is filled with party ideas and you can start planning from today.

Before hosting poolside parties make sure to get your pool clean. Talk to your pool company and tell them about your plans. They will help you clean your pool and keep it ready for Halloween. Inform your pool company well in advance so that you get a schedule as they will be booked through out this season. It is better to take annual contract for maintenance with your pool company so that you get first preference during festivals.
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