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Fourth of July Pool Party Checklist

Many pool owners have put off family vacations in recent years, opting instead to spruce up their yard with cool pool features, expanded decks or new flower beds. But what’s the fun of a beautiful pool or fancy yard if you don’t share it with friends?

Not only does July 4 mark the middle of summer, it’s also the perfect opportunity to gather loved ones for an afternoon of holiday festivities around your beautiful, sparkling pool.

But a Fourth of July celebration doesn’t have to mean a ton of work. All you need is a few simple refreshments, some visual touches to honor the day and a little advance planning.

  • Create crafty patriotic themed invitations
  • Set up game stations
  • Beanbag toss
  • Card Table
  • Decorate with patriotic flair
  • Offer patriotic punch and dessert
  • Dive and Retrieve games in the pool

Iced tea and lemonade are refreshing, but consider offering a special Independence Day alternative. A simple, patriotic-themed punch will fit the spirit of the occasion.