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Composite wood decking

If you wish to increase the value of your home, building an outdoor deck is one of the best ways. It was ages ago when pressure-treated lumber was the only way to build a deck.  Presently,  composite materials made with recycled wood products are much more preferred than synthetic planks. From the large number of decking materials available, pool contractors also provide many composite deck boards.

Pool builders often advise composite decking made from wood fiber and plastic that comparatively need less maintenance than that required for natural wood.  Another bonus that pool builders offer on composite wood decking is a longer lifespan. Often pool builders would notify you of the initial cost which is way above that of treated wood therefore, you need to be aware of the longevity of the composite wood decking.

Enhancing the deck is the best way to give that backyard a face lift. Apart from the design, materials play a very important role. It is therefore imperative to choose to go to your pool builder or contractor to decide over both the design as well as the material to be used. Composite decking has been the contemporary choice off late. However, it is essential to communicate with your pool contractor to analyze the materials. Composites have an upper hand over wood, but it is always better to know what can be offered for your deck by the pool contractor in terms of the choices available.

If you choose to select composite deck, you need to figure out the price per square foot and also the different types of composite wood products offered.  In order to help you with your choice of a composite deck over a wood deck, here are the pros and cons for a composite deck:
– Neither warps, splits or cracks
– Annual maintenance includes sweeping and spraying with hose
– Comparatively easier to work with
– Less waste because each piece is manufactured with high quality standards
– The assortment of colors it is available in has a bonus of never fading
– It is a green option as recycled materials are used while manufacturing them
– Comparatively more expensive than pressure-treated lumber
– Heavy as compared to wood
– It is not usually available in longer lengths
– It is necessary to often have special fasteners
– Flexibility is amplified in extreme temperatures

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