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Fourth of July Pool Party Checklist

Many pool owners have put off family vacations in recent years, opting instead to spruce up their yard with cool pool features, expanded decks or new flower beds. But what’s the fun of a beautiful pool or fancy yard if you don’t share it with friends? Not only does July 4 mark the middle of […]

Closing Your Pool For The Winter

Off-Season Maintenance in Mild Climates In mild climates during the off-season, pool and spa operations should be maintained at all normal levels. These include maintaining the water level, continuing regular sanitizer schedules, and retaining proper pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels. Circulating unheated water through the entire system will generally keep the equipment reasonably […]

Energy Efficient Pool Pump

Learen more about energy efficient pool pump technology!

Is annual maintenance necessary for swimming pools?

You should primarily address the advantages of pool service even before you indulge in the discussions of ways of achieving it. As confided to pool builders, many of pool owners have disclosed that the pool offers the scope of being close to the water and family togetherness. According to several surveys conducted by engaging pool […]

Algae in swimming pool?

Speaking of pool service, nothing can be as dangerous as discovering algae in your pool. The problem has taken such a major role for the pool owners that, many pool repairs have been ordered due to this reason solely. Assisting to identify algae, the pool contractors have pointed out that your pool water will have […]

Choose your pool builder

Choosing your pool builder can be a deciding factor in bringing back your initial excitement of having a swimming pool in your home. For many of us, the swimming pool happens to be one thrilling experience. It is well-worth it if you keep in mind that one well-planned pool could offer you a posse of […]

What does a pool company do for you?

The excitement of having a pool depends majorly on pool contractor. Any unwise decision in choosing a pool builder could ruin all the advantageous features of having a pool. Choosing the pool builders will involve considerations of pool builders offering pool service and pool repair, as well. Addressing this issue will bring you to an […]

Pool side party ideas

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t love a pool party. Your pool is the best party venue for the summer. Your backyard, the pool, food and drinks with the set of your friends is all that you need to party. Pool parties can be a close family fun affair, especially with the kids off in the […]

Pool slides

Pool slides are the vital enhancement to every swimming pool. Pools with slides are known to make swimming more fun and enjoyable especially for the kids. Slides are a requirement for pool so that the children are occupied while most adults can have their own share of peace and fun at the same time. A […]

Composite wood decking

If you wish to increase the value of your home, building an outdoor deck is one of the best ways. It was ages ago when pressure-treated lumber was the only way to build a deck.  Presently,  composite materials made with recycled wood products are much more preferred than synthetic planks. From the large number of […]

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